VIJIM VL69 Laptop Mini Video Light Kit with Suction Cup – Great For Video Conferencing, Zoom Calls, Live Streaming & Content Creation

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Mini Video Light Kit for Video Conference, Webcam Lighting for Remote Working/Zoom Calls/Live Streaming, Self Broadcasting. Suitable for Laptop/Computer 

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VIJIM VL69 Bi-Color Laptop Mini Video Light Kit (with Suction Cup) 

  • ✔Adjustable Brightness — Control your lighting brightness from 1% to 100% for perfect lighting! From 2500 to 6500K color temperature dimming, adjust from warm light to cold light, allowing you to show daylight in the dark, within 1 meter. The fill lamp will help you show your best look condition.

  • ✔Super Easy Use with Upgrade Suction Cup Computer Mount — The included suction cup could be installed on a smooth surface or an uneven surface.
  • ✔Suitable for Multiple Scenarios — The video conferencing lighting kit is available for MackBook/iMac /iPad or any flat desktop/laptop/tablet. Applicable perfectly for Video Conferencing, Recording, Remote Working, Zoom Meeting, Self Broadcasting, and Youtube Live Streaming, etc.

  • ✔Long-Lasting Battery — Equipped with a diffuser, the light is really soft and not dazzling, and get that professional glow. Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, one charge lasts for 2h to 10 hours. For extended broadcasting, you can plug the light into your computer’s USB port and run indefinitely off of external power!
  • ✔Soft and Not Glaring — Circular design to create exclusive eye light. Equipped with a diffuser, the light is really soft and not dazzling.





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