USB HDMI Video Capture Card – for PS4 & X-Box, Game Streaming, Video Editing, YouTube Content Creation

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USB HDMI Video Capture Card for PC or MAC at 1080HD output. Capture video content from any DVD/BluRay Player,  Video Camera, or DSLR for use in video editing, live streaming, broadcasting, or video conference.

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USB HDMI Video Capture Card

1. Supports maximum input resolution of 3840×2160@ 30Hz;
2. Supports maximum output resolution of 1920×1080@ 30Hz (FULL HD 1080P VIDEO CAPTURE);
3. Support 8 / 10 / 12-bit color depth;
4. When standard AWG26 cable is used, the input transmission distance is up to 15m (resolution of 1080P and below);
5. Supports most video acquisition software, such as for VLC, OBS, vMix, Amcap, etc;
6. Plug & Play Support for Windows, Android, and Mac OS;
7. Conforms to USB video UVC specification;
8. Conforms to USB audio UAC specification;
9.  External power supply not required, small and portable.

USB HDMI Video Capture Card Specifications:
HDTV resolution: up to 3840×2160 @ 30Hz
Video input format: 8 / 10 / 12 bit color depth
Video output mode: YUV, JPEG
Video output resolution: maximum output resolution 1920×1080 @ 30Hz
Support audio format: L-PCM
Input cable length: ≤ 15m, AWG26 HDTV standard cable
Maximum working current: 0.4A/5VDC
Operating temperature range: (- 10 to + 55 ℃)
Size: 64 x 28 x 13mm /2.52 x 1.1 x 0.51 in

Connection Process:
1: Connect the UHD signal source and the HDTV input port of the USB acquisition card with one HDTV line
2: Plug the USB male of the USB acquisition card into the USB port of the computer
3: Video Capture operation steps (OBS): open the software – add a new source – select “video capture device” – set the screen size – select “studio mode” (double window) – click “start recording”

Computer hardware configuration requirements:
CPU: PC i5-3400 or above; NB i7-3537u 2.0GHz or above
Display card: PC NVIDIA GT630 or above; NC NVIDIA GT735M or above
Storage: 4G RAM

Packing list:
1 x Capture card
1 x Manual




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